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  • Leaked memo by Downing St policy chief reveals Heathrow "exposed" on air quality
  • “It is exactly what happened in 2009 and the Government is in danger of making exactly the same mistake if it chooses Heathrow again.
  • Memo shows only Gatwick can lawfully expand



  • Areas never flown over before include parts of Kensington, Notting Hill, Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush 
  • Gatwick to cap the number most affected by noise and pay their council tax
  • Heathrow expansion comes with up to £25 billion health cost, according to Airports Commission research, compared to £1.5 billion for Gatwick


  • Letter sets out ten key questions at the heart of expansion debate
  • MPs have a once in a generation opportunity to support Gatwick’s deliverable plan
  • Gatwick CEO: “After years of delay only by backing Gatwick can we build a new runway faster, at half the cost, delivering similar economic benefits, all at a dramatically lower environmental cost meaning we can finally reap the benefits of additional runway capacity and demonstrate to the world Britain truly remains open for business.”    


  • New agreement to double the number of passenger flights per week from 40 up to 100
  • China one of the UK's most important growth markets
  • Gatwick well placed to boost flights to China thanks to new and exclusive links to Chinese cities 


  • New service offers a clean, green transport alternative
  • Electric car sharing service the first of its kind scheme for a UK airport
  • Vehicles can be reserved in advance making journeys quicker and easier


  • Air quality a key concern for Londoners and is the issue that makes Heathrow expansion unlawful
  • Stewart Wingate answers questions in Parliament today – at event John Holland Kaye refuses to attend 
  • ClientEarth legal case on air quality to take place next week



  • Record month at Gatwick: 42.3 million annual passengers now use the airport
  • Long haul routes are booming with Cape Town and Moscow set to begin
  • Growth is decades ahead of Airports Commission forecasts for Gatwick


  • Taxis transporting over 1 million passengers going electric or hybrid 
  • Hybrid vehicles to switch to electric operation within 10 miles of airport 
  • Another first in Gatwick’s journey to be the UK’s most sustainable airport



  • Numerous areas around Heathrow breach legal air quality limits today, even without a third runway
  • It would be illegal to construct, let alone operate, a third runway
  • Gatwick has never breached legal limits and would remain within them with a second runway 


  • Gatwick partners with Bechtel - a global leader in engineering, construction and project management
  • Bechtel confirms Gatwick’s ‘low risk’ second runway can be delivered by 2025
  • Sir Terry Farrell – designer of some of the world’s best airports - also on Gatwick’s team

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